[ Communicate with Authority ]

A Four-Hour Workshop for Women

Breakthrough Techniques to Excel at Public Speaking, Engage Your Audience and Influence Key Stakeholders

‘Communicating with Authority’ is a half-day course designed to help professionals communicate with more authority with key internal and external stakeholders. We unintentionally undermine our natural authority by the way we speak, interact and present to colleagues and clients. This course offers strategies and techniques to manage a range of challenging communication issues. It also provides specific guidance around dressing with authority to reflect the core values of the business.

Who Should Attend

This is a core foundation course for any professional who is required to present to colleagues, clients and the CEO or anyone pursuing a leadership position with the business community.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  Feel greater confidence in preparing and delivering presentations.
  Recognize patterns of speech and body language that undermine natural authority and replace them with authoritative patterns.
  Organize and deliver information effectively in meetings and presentations.
  Understand how to manage negative micro-messages to create positive change.
  Define individual style and dress with more authority.
  Frame difficult conversations with colleagues and clients.


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